Procurement Service

Planet Mayfair, in association with an Anglo-Italian Procurement firm & buying office, can provide comprehensive, best of class, ultra-high end solutions in:

Design & Build

We have access to some of the best Interior Designers & Architects across Europe for commercial, residential, yachts and hospitality.

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Interior Design

Expert Italian Interior Designers with vast experience in delivering high-quality classic and modern contemporary solutions for high-end residential property & yachts, as well as showroom standard interiors for commercial/retail, and cutting edge contemporary interiors for corporate offices, hospitality, spas etc.

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Furniture, Fixtures &
Equipment (FF&E)

We can source the best products and procure loose & bespoke designed furniture pieces, wood panelling & fabric walls, kitchen, marble & flooring, bathrooms & spa solutions, conservatories & outdoor structures.

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Our procurement service includes coordinating the logistics for service delivery
(including interior design, build & refurbishment) in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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