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Bespoke Lifestyle interviews Ramsay from Planet Mayfair

Andrew from Bespoke Lifestyle interviews Ramsay from Planet Mayfair Private Office on London Property and the bespoke services they provide for their clients.

1. Can you give us some insight into your property acquisitions service and how this may be useful to our Middle Eastern clients?

Certainly. Planet Mayfair - Private Office was set up to provide a bespoke property acquisition service for investors, Funds and UNHWIs. Clients at this level need a property acquisition broker who has research coverage, strategic relationships and expertise to uncover the assets that are best suited to their individual requirements.

Your Bespoke Lifestyle clients are no doubt accustomed to this level of service so we believe they will see value in it from a research time perspective - in terms of covering both on and off-market properties, a ‘quality of product’ perspective - in terms of uncovering the best of what the market has to offer at the relevant price level, an overall ‘market advice’ perspective and a case by case ‘price negotiation’ perspective. In addition we are able to afford our clients a certain level of discretion which we manage accordingly depending on the access/viewing requirements to the property in question.

2. What are the best up and coming areas or developments just now in London?

That depends on what the client is looking for and the price level under consideration. For super prime property in Central London, Mayfair is set to regain the crown in terms of price growth, stock and ultra high-end finish. For an end-user type of investor who will be adding a London apartment to his stable of global property for immediate family use and mid to long- term portfolio growth, this is an excellent call.

In terms of up and coming Battersea is enjoying a spotlight at the moment, initially courtesy of the America embassy’s much trumpeted move to neighbouring Nine Elms (between Battersea and Vauxhall) and then subsequently the launch of the iconic Battersea Power Station development. The Dutch embassy has also announced a move to Nine Elms and the Chinese Embassy will most likely follow suit, all of which is serving to generate significant development interest in terms of new projects and also accompanying investor demand. Vauxhall and other less well known areas like Pimlico in close proximity are also likely to benefit from the ripple effect of increasing property values.

Closer to home, St James is earmarked for significant freeholder development in terms of its landmarks and streets in order to attract more high end shops, fashion houses and Michelin starred restaurants which will all open the door to more corporate demand and associated high end residential developments.

One should also keep an eye on locations like Fitzrovia which is benefitting tremendouslyfrom strong price growth in neighbouring Marylebone, as well as traditional strong performers like Kensington and now Olympia as well.

3. A lot of our clients buy very exclusive and one off cars/yachts etc ‘off market’.
What is theprocess for our clients to find out exactly what you have that may be special and not on the market?

Call us...or even better, we would be delighted if they can make the time to come in and see us when in London. Trophy assets for UNHNWIS’s (such as the kind I have mentioned above)